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Food growing update and ‘before’ pictures of our first growing site

We held our first food growing group meeting this morning, and had a look at the HNCC garden which has fantastic potential. We also updated on our progress since the Open Space two weeks ago, and had a discussion about what next.
See pics of the garden on Facebook.

There are several different sub-projects we are focusing on:

HNCC garden
This will be our first public growing space. We have a small group of five people who will garden there regularly – but the more the merrier, so let us know if you’d like to be involved. Our first step will be to make a site plan during our Intro to Permaculture course in February (still spaces if you’d like to attend). We will follow this with clearing and preparing the soil, and begin open weekly gardening sessions in Spring. We also plan to use the site for some gardening ‘taster’ workshops.

Seedy Saturday event
We plan to organise a gardening event at HNCC in the Spring, with the aim of promoting the food growing project to community centre users and others in Dartmouth Park, and creating links with other food growers in the area. The event will consist of seed and plant swapping, talks and practical workshops. Please get in touch if you’d like to help out.

Garden share
This is a project to match food growers without gardens, with those who have space but need help maintaining it because of age or disability, or who would simply like to share their garden to learn more about growing food. We hope to help address the lack of allotments in the area and maximise the potential of existing gardens. We’re planning to use model contracts from Landshare and oversee the process to make sure both owner and grower are happy with the agreement. We are working with the Neighbourhood Care Scheme at HNCC to help publicise the project, and have already received two offers of space.

The first is from the owner of a small garden in Dartmouth Park Road, who would be prepared to share the space in return for advice on vegetable growing. The second is from an allotment holder in Highgate Village who is having difficulty maintaining her space, and would like to give part of it to another grower in return for help. So if you’ve been languishing on an allotment waiting list for years and can help out, please email us to set up an initial meeting.

Brookfield estate garden
This is one of the communual gardens (on the corner of Croftdown and Chester Road). Several of us who live there are starting a food growing project with the aim of involving our neighbours and the children who live there, and creating a model which can be used by other parts of the estate. We are currently planning the space and consulting with neighbours.


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