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Calling food growers who need a garden

We have been approached by a tenant of Circle Housing Association with a ground floor flat and rear garden in Bickerton Road just opposite Dartmouth Park. He is disabled and cannot maintain his garden himself. He gets worried about the state it gets into and would like one or two people to help look after it in return for space for growing food.

The garden is about 60 feet long and 18 feet wide and north facing. The part nearest the house is paved and shady. The end of the garden is also partly paved, and he would be open to having a small greenhouse there. Most of the middle of the garned is empty, except for weeds, gets good sun in the summer, and would be a great place for raised beds. He would like some space for sitting outside.

Around the edge of the garden there are three small fruit trees, a fig, a cherry and a cooking apple tree. The owner has tools and a hose.

Access would have to be through his flat and at times when he is well enough to let people in.

If you think you might like to share this garden, please contact Susan Seymour, our Garden Share coordinator, to arrange a visit: sseymour137@gmail.com

You can read the stories of our two already successfully matched garden shares on our project page.


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I'm a mother of two, living in London in the UK, writing a vegan recipe blog. I also work as an environmental campaigner and am currently on a years maternity leave.


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