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Launch of Transition home energy challenge – Monday 21st January

Energy challenge launch event with Paula Owen Monday 21st January, 7.30pm
Lord Palmerston – 33 Dartmouth Park Hill

To kick off our new home energy challenge – Paula Owen the renowned energy researcher, broadcaster and entrepreneur will be speaking about how we use electricity in our homes and how this has changed over the past forty years.

While working at the Energy Saving Trust, Paula developed government’s official household carbon calculator. She researched and wrote: The Rise of the Machines, Ampere Strikes Back and Elephant in the Living Room. These publications did much to aid the understanding of the role the residential sector plays in the increasing energy demand within the UK over the last four decades. In 2011, she launched eco action trumps – a fun and accessible life style changing tool in the format of the popular ‘top trumps’ card game.

The 3 Transition Challenge

Three local Transition Towns – Dartmouth Park, Kentish Town and Tufnell Park are setting up a team based energy saving challenge. Our aim is to use energy meters to get a better understanding of our home energy use, and to identify ways to reduce it. Over the course of the year we’ll be finding new ways to achieve low carbon home comfort, and to cut our energy bills AND the contribution our homes are making to UK carbon emissions and pollution from fossil fuels.

Each participant will be part of a team of 5 – 10 households. We’ll be asking you to tell us how much electricity and gas you’ve used every 4 weeks. We’ll be allowing everyone to see how much energy each team is saving. But the data will be anonymised. Over the course of the one year challenge we’ll arrange a number of get togethers and trips to see some inspiring examples of what can be achieved in terms of low carbon home comfort and reduced energy bills and carbon emissions.

Participants in the 3TT Challenge are being organised into teams to compete to reduce their electricity and gas consumption over a year. If you would like to  sign up visit out website: http://nlet.org.uk


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