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Transition projects for 2013

IMG_0269On Saturday 12th January we held a ‘Projects for 2013’ open space meeting, to come together, review the projects we began last year and discussed what to take forward and what new ideas we could develop.

The meeting was well attended and we had a great discussion and loads of ideas which – with your help – we can make a reality this year.

We emerged from the afternoon with 5 main groups: Growing, Energy, Children & schools, Communication, and Making/Skills-sharing. We also have a core group whose role it is to oversee strategic development, plan larger events and support our project coordinators.

All of the projects we began last year will continue – including our several gardening projects, monthly knitting club, and Brookfield after-school food growing club. We’ve also just launched a home energy metering project. We plan to build on these with some new ideas, including cycling and even more food growing! So it should be a lively year of learning, meeting neighbours, transforming our community and having fun!

The Projects for 2013 notes are here, and the website sections will be updated over the next month with info on our plans for this year. In the meantime, if you’d like to get involved with any aspect of Transition Dartmouth Park please email transitiondp@gmail.com



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I'm a mother of two, living in London in the UK, writing a vegan recipe blog. I also work as an environmental campaigner and am currently on a years maternity leave.


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