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Spring food growing update

imageOn Sunday afternoon we had a great first spring planting session at the food growing space we began last year at Highgate Newtown Community Centre. Despite the slow start to spring, the garden was blooming, and enough of the spinach, rainbow chard and salad had survived for us all to take some home for dinner. We dug in the green manure we planted before winter, and planted new seeds and seedlings. We were joined by Leila Roy who gave us brilliant advice on how to keep chickens in an urban environment, and she even brought along her fantastic chicken Maya, who snacked on some of our snails!

If you’d like to get involved in food growing at HNCC or just come along to ask for advice, we will be starting weekly sessions on:
Tuesdays 4pm-5pm from 7th May
Sundays 2pm-4pm from 12th May

See pictures of what we grew last year

The Towers, Dartmouth Park Hill

We have been approached by residents of The Towers to help get a gardening club going again there. The growing space consists of large builders bags, some of which are not currently in use. We hope to start weekly sessions there but need a few more people who would like a bag, to get involved. This is is a great opportunity for anyone who doesn’t have their own garden and needs a bit of advice to get started.
Please email transitiondp@gmail.com to find out more

Whittington hospital growing project

Last year we were approached by the Whittington hospital to start a food growing space on site. We organized a talk and a garden design workshops for interested staff, and the hospital planned to build raised beds over the winter. However, to plot of land we were originally offered is now marked to be sold off by the hospital, so no raised beds were built! The good news is that staff are still keen and have begun meeting regularly and are currently using one of the raised beds in the Waterlow Park Kitchen Garden.
If you would like to join them please email us at transitiondp@gmail.com

Brookfield school gardening club

imageWe set up an after-school gardening club for children and parents at Brookfield school last year, and the club ran successfully until the end of October, when we paused for winter. The children grew food in a raised bed in the Waterlow Park kitchen garden and on school grounds, and were even able to provide some of the food for the school’s cooking club. We began again after the Easter holidays with renewed enthusiasm and some new parent volunteers.
Read more about the gardening club


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