Aims and projects for 2013

Transition Dartmouth Park – Projects for 2013 meeting – 12th January 2013

In January 2013 we held an open meeting to discuss ongoing and future projects and set aims for the year. Our notes are below.

Children’s group
Debbie West will coordinate an email list to take forward future activity

1.     Brookfield school gardening club
The club is going well and will re-start again in Spring. There are plenty of children on the waiting list. Becky (PTA co-chair) will put the word out to parents who are interested in gardening that we could do with some fresh volunteers.

2. Other schools
The Hargrave Park plot in the Waterlow Park kitchen garden is underused. The Brookfield gardening club could help with it, and we could put a call out for Hargrave Park parents who may be interested in getting involved. Catharine will contact Hargrave Park.

We would also like to work with Acland Burghley and other schools but this really needs interested parents to coordinate.

3. Holly Lodge family centre
They would like to create a children’s garden and have asked for help. Debbie will speak to them and offer advice/help co-ordinating.

4. Cycling (Maya and Becky to coordinate this)
We would like to start a cycling club with some rides that are suitable for children followed by a family picnic. We’d also like to advise people on which routes on the heath are cycle/kid friendly and some Dr Bike sessions. A couple of people are interested but don’t have time to co-ordinate. Becky will ask parents at Brookfield.
5. Brookfield jumble sale – mid-March
We have been invited to be involved in this and to give it more of a focus on recycling, reuse.
We agreed to organise a stall and cycling activity in the playground, ideally a Dr Bike/bike fixing, with an information leaflet. Maya will ask people who have shown interest if they could write information for the leaflet and also fix bikes. Becky will also ask parents to help.

Energy group
Prashant Vase and Pamela Edwards are coordinating

Aim – we need to reduce home energy use by 30% to meet with UK carbon emissions reduction targets.

  1. Home energy metering project
    – This will provide us with a year-long framework with monthly meetings on home energy saving
    – We will link practical action on home energy saving, and grow the activities throughout the year, around a rough timetable organised around Transition group events.
  2. Outreach
    Many of us are over-committed so we should prioritise bringing in new people. So ask everyone who comes along to an event or meeting to bring along a friend who is not already involved and help spread Transition activity.
  3. Draught busting

Build on the first workshop hosted in Rita’s flat by organising more

  1. Low carbon cookery
    Pamela is interested in promoting this in order to connect energy saving with general lifestyle. She will find someone who knows about this to run a workshop later in the year.
  2. Carbon Conversations
    Susan would like to update her CC facilitation skills and run a series in Dartmouth Park. We would need an additional skilled facilitator and someone to agree to host this in their street.
  3. Calendar

Pamela will make a calendar of potential home energy topics linked to the metering project. This will include: spring eco-improvements, best eco-rated appliances in summer sales, winter-proofing your home

  1. Link to other local groups through the metering project – other local Transition groups & Muswell Hill sustainability.

Coordinators: Dinaz Stafford and Susan Seymour

  1. Decision to combine all of our current growing related projects into one growing themed group.
    These currently include HNCC community garden, Garden Share scheme, Whittington Hospital staff gardening club, fruit-mapping & picking project, and the new growing project with residents at The Towers (on Dartmouth Park Hill) which will begin in spring. Our focus should be on food growing and biodiversity.
  2. We will organise around the seasons:
    – Spring – end of February we will organise a workshop on seed-sowing/swapping and transplanting; March -compost delivery.
    – Summer – biodiversity; a walk around the food growing spaces; picnic with grown food
    – Harvest – fruit-picking, juicing, preserving; horticultural show
    – Winter – low carbon cooking (combine with energy group.)
  3. Visiting event (summer)
    A walk around the growing spaces including HNCC, Whittington, Waterlow Park, The Towers, with a picnic at the end.
  4. Set weekly gardening days for each space and publicise – March
  5. Compost delivery – Dinaz will contact the North London Waste Authority in February to organise this.
  6. Database of interested growers – Susan will create this and match growers with suitable spaces, these could either be our public spaces or private garden sharing, according to interest, skills, time etc.
  7. Fruit-picking – Dinaz and Mary will work with Mike and Sarah to coordinate this, and start at the end of July. We will organise juicing stalls at the York Rise Street party and Brookfield barn dance in September.
  8. Fruit-tree pruning on Brookfield estate – Sara will find someone to lead a workshop.

Skills-sharing and making things group

Kimberly Cronk and Helen Jack are coordinating

  1. Knitting sessions will continue on the last Saturday afternoon of every month
  2. We have been approached by Holly Lodge Community Centre to teach young people to knit, so will ask our knitters if anyone is prepared to teach/lead
  3. We will organise a series of craft workshops at Holly Lodge Community Centre, to include: making cosmetics, vegan baking, cycling workshop, possible foraging/cooking.
  4. We should liaise with the new men’s shed project which will be based at St Anne’s chuch.

Communications group

Communications includes our website, monthly email newsletter, Facebook page, outreach/networking, poster/leaflet distribution, distribution of Transition newspaper.

  1. Website/newsletter – Sara currently does these but the website is a WordPress blog and very easy to use. Will make Emma and Catharine admins (and anyone else who is interested) and show them how to use it. We will take it in turns to do the newsletter and update the website each month.
  2. Facebook -Sara and Emma both post regularly but we don’t get many ‘likes’ or comments on posts. We should all invite friends and try and get young people in the area to like, as they will invite friends.
  3. Produce A5 leaflet to explain Transition and our projects
    – Emma will write text and Sara will design/photocopy a basic version to be ready for Neighbourhood Forum meeting on 6th February.
    – Maya will approach ICT/Art teachers at Parliament Hill school to ask if students could design our leaflet as a project. This would help with outreach and engagement among young people.
    – Fundraising to pay for a colour leaflet – produce bike maintenance leaflet for donation at jumble sale (Maya), possible chutney stall at farmers market.
  4. Face to face outreach
    – Rita is happy to distribute leaflets and posters
    – We should organise talks on Transition at TRA meetings. Sara will approach TRA reps at Neighbourhood Forum.

We should also consider how we feel about campaigning or supporting other local campaigns, and our input into Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Forum, Friends of Waterlow Park, and support for HNCC and the library during the Community Investment Programme process. We did not have time to discuss these issues, so requires discussion in the future.

Core group

The core group is currently composed of those who initiated Transition Dartmouth Park and project/group coordinators.

It’s role is strategic planning for the year, to organise larger events (those broader than each project), and to support project/group coordinators.

We meet monthly and please let us know if you would like to join. (email transitiondp@gmail.com)



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