Objectives for 2012

– To raise awareness of the Transition model and its aims of community-scale energy descent and resilience.
– To involve more members of our diverse community in Transition.
– Increase the quantity of food grown and gathered in Dartmouth Park
– Reduce waste of food growing locally.
– Increase the number of local residents using basic home energy efficiency measures
– Increase biodiversity in the area

– We will create connections and partnerships with local hubs, including Brookfield, Highgate Newtown Community Centre, Highgate Library, schools, meeting spaces and the estates and streets we live in.
–  We will offer examples of low-impact living and a more resilient community through establishing several practical projects.
– We will locate our projects in spaces which are used daily by a diverse range of local residents, and actively encourage their involvement in and ownership of the projects.
– We will promote our projects through relevant public events. Where possible events will be held in partnership with established local organisations.


1. Establish new food growing spaces in Highgate Newtown Community Centre and on Brookfield estate.
2. Establish a garden share project and work with HNCC to promote it.
3. Establish an after-school gardening club at Brookfield school and in Waterlow Park in partnership with Brookfield PTA.
4. Begin mapping fruit trees in Dartmouth Park, and collecting and using fruit from identified trees.
5. Organise regular re-skilling sessions on home energy efficiency, DIY, craft and ‘upcycling’


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