Fruit Picking

Every year lots of fruit goes to waste, as it grows on trees which are located on urban streets, or in gardens where their owners aren’t able to pick and use them all. By drawing up a map of the fruit trees in Dartmouth Park we can ensure that this fruit is harvested and put to a good use.

We are also interested in other source of fruit like blackberry bushes that don’t get regularly used and which offer a bit of variety.

Transition Dartmouth Park working with Transition Highgate are looking for volunteers who can help to identify fruit trees and other sources of fuit in the local area. For more information on how fruit tree mapping works, take a look at similar projects being carried out by Transition Belsize and Hackney Harvest. See also this great video of Transition Kensal to Kilburn picking fruit.


Getting Involved:

If you have a fruit tree in your garden that we could come and harvest then let us know here

See our current fruit tree map

Our Next Event: We are picking apples at the Whittington Hospital on the 26th and are also hoping to pick some more fruit in the coming week – the fruit will be put to good use at the Brookfield School Barn Dance

If you are interested in getting involved in tree identification, mapping or fruit picking, please contact Michael Marks for more information @ michaeledwardmarks@yahoo.co.uk

Previous Events:

We recently went blackberry picking on the Parkland Walk with Gemma from Urban Harvest:



4 thoughts on “Fruit Picking

  1. http://www.fruitmap.sk/ is a useful web service for mapping trees.

    See also the Abundance Handbook: A Guide to Urban Fruit Harvesting:

    Posted by josef | May 1, 2012, 3:12 pm


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